Sabian XSR1600B 16" XSR O-Zone Crash Cymbal

Sabian XSR1600B 16

Sabian XSR1600B 16" XSR O-Zone Crash Cymbal

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Sabian 16" XSR O-Zone crash cymbal delivering a darker, quicker crash effect with more white noise and pure attack with two rows of six holes allowing the effect to respond aggressively, raw and nasty.

Using the 16" XSR Fast Crash as a starting point, SABIAN has applied the highly-effective and successful B8 Pro double-ring O-Zone hole design to a B20 cast cymbal for the first time. The result is a darker, quicker effects crash with more white noise and more pure attack. The two rows of six response-enhancing holes allow this radical effects crash to respond rapidly with a combination of bright explosion and dirty agitation, delivering even attack that is aggressive, raw and nasty. Makes an ideal stacker over the 16" XSR Chinese!

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