Pearl Eliminator Demon Chain Drive Single Pedal

Pearl Eliminator Demon Chain Drive Single Pedal Drums,Hardware,Pedals,Shop by Brand Pearl

Pearl Eliminator Demon Chain Drive Single Pedal

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For blast beats or deep grooves, this pedal offers the adjustability to maximize your playing.

The Eliminator Demon Chain Drive Double Pedal from Pearl is one of the most advanced pedal systems in the world and offers a sensitivity and control so refined and well-engineered that it becomes an extension of a drummer's body. Introduced in 2009, this pedal raised the standards of all manufacturers in the market. After establishing itself as one of the smoothest, fastest most versatile pedal in the world, Pearl has decided to incorporate the strength and power of a chain.

Ultra-Light Weight Chain

The new Demon Chain Pedal is driven by Pearl's ultra-lightweight Power Chain with low-friction rollers for speed and double-chain construction for power and dependability. The orange anodized link plates identify the Demon Chain as a member of the Demon family of pedals.

Perfect Circle Cam

The Demon Chain employs Pearl's renowned "linear-response" Perfect Circle Cam that provides consistent and smooth feel throughout the entire stroke for pinpoint accuracy and superb control. The racing-inspired Cam is designed to minimize mass and maximize speed and power transfer. The Cam is adjustable and allows the angle of the footboard to be set independently of the beater angle to customize the performance characteristic that's right for you.

NiNjA Bearings

The Demon Chain features NiNjA precision skateboard bearings that are micro-polished, ultra-low friction bearings for incredible speed and robust construction for years of dependable use.


The Demon Chain features Pearl's Patented Duo-Deck Foot Board, the world's first foot board that converts from short board to long board in seconds. Whether you like the traditional feel of a short board or the lighter, quicker feel of a long board, the Duo-Deck gives you both in the same pedal.

Beater Stroke Adjustment

Pearl's exclusive Beater Stroke Adjustment allows the beater to be moved closer to the head for more "finesse" and farther from the head for more "power." In either setting, the beater angle can be set independently from the foot board angle to personalize the pedal response to your exact requirements.


The Z-Link Drive Shaft features Pearl's exclusive Zero Latency Universal Joints that use precision radial ball bearings and hand-assembled CNC machined frames for zero play and smoothness that allows your slave pedal to respond as quickly and precisely as your primary.


  • Ultra-Lightweight Chain
  • Perfect Circle cam
  • NiNjA Bearings
  • Duo-Deck
  • Beater Stroke Adjustment
  • Z-Link Drive Shaft

If you have any questions, give us a call, chat or stop by to check out our great selection of Pearl drum accessories at Ken Stanton Music and save today.

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Tech Specs

  • Model: P-3000C
  • DRIVE: Ultralight Chain
  • FOOT BOARD: Duo-Deck Convertible
  • DRIVE BEARINGS: NiNjA Precision Skateboard Bearings
  • BEATER: Control Core
  • PEDAL HEIGHT: Infinitely Adjustable
  • BEATER ANGLE: Infinitely Adjustable
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Pearl Eliminator Demon Chain Drive Single Pedal Drums,Hardware,Pedals,Shop by Brand Pearl


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