Paiste 2002 Series 18" Thin Crash Cymbal

Paiste 2002 Series 18

Paiste 2002 Series 18" Thin Crash Cymbal

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An extremely versatile, strong crash with powerful presence.

Embodying the essence of legendary cymbals that shaped the sound of countless generations of drummers, the 2002 series has been an influential force since the early days of Rock. Building upon the foundation of the original classic cymbals, the present-day 2002 series has evolved to include modern sounds, catering to the demands of today's progressive popular music. With a timeless legacy and a contemporary edge, these cymbals remain a trusted choice for musicians seeking to push boundaries and create impactful music across genres.

Sound character: Medium bright, full, silvery, breathy. Wide range, slightly complex, dense mix. Soft, giving, very responsive feel. A sturdy thin crash with a rich, cutting character. Perfect for patterned playing and filling sound spaces in minimal instrumentation.


  • Weight: Thin
  • Volume: Soft to Loud
  • Stick Sound: Washy
  • Intensity: Lively
  • Sustain: Medium
  • Bell Character: Integrated

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