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Mesa Boogie Fillmore 25 Combo Guitar Amplifier (Used)

Mesa Boogie Fillmore 25 Combo Guitar Amplifier (Used)

Mesa Boogie Fillmore 25 Combo Guitar Amplifier (Used)

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    Serial#: CT000354

    Here we have a used MESA Boogie Fillmore 25 Combo amplifier!


    In the Fillmore 25, you'll discover a new source of “perfect-power” inspiration. You’ll enjoy our most expressive gain ever, presented in a simple 2 (identical) Channel, 3-Mode platform, served up in our original Boogie®-sized combo and head formats, dressed in Fillmore attire. Where this class of amplifiers used to be only for practicing and recording, the Fillmore 25 arrives to reveal an amp capable of much more. …Versatility to cover any style, ample power and dynamic punch to Gig, true portability to make that effortless and myriad possibilities across the entire range of gain from which to build your two footswitchable sounds. Key features include:

    2 Fully Independent, Footswitchable Channels, each with 3 Mode Channel Cloning

    Channel 1 & 2 Feature: Channel Cloned Clean, Drive & HI Modes, with Independent Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Reverb & Master Controls

    Vintage All-Tube, Long-Tank, Spring Reverb with Independent Channel Controls

    If you have any questions, give us a call or stop by and check out this killer deal on a used MESA Boogie Fillmore 25 Combo amplifier today.

    Available at Ken Stanton Music.


    UPC: 809404042957
    Model: 1.FL25.AS.CO
    Wattage: 18 Watts (Clean) / 23 Watts (Max)
    Preamp Tubes: 5x Mesa 12AX7
    Power Amp Tubes: 2x Mesa 6V6
    Channels & Modes: 2 Channels / 3 Mode Channel Cloning™
    Mode Voicings / Styles:
    Ch. 1 = Clean, Drive or HI (Channel Cloning™)
    Ch. 2 = Clean, Drive or HI (Channel Cloning™)
    Channel Controls Each Channel features Independent 3-Position Channel Cloning Mode Switch, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Reverb (back panel) and Master
    Footswitchable Functions Ch. 1/2
    Speaker(s) & Impedance 1 - 8 Ohm Celestion Custom 90 / Total Load = 8 Ohms
    Chassis Material: Aluminum
    Rectifier Type: Silicon Diodes
    Rectifier Tubes: n/a
    Variac Power Switch: n/a
    Bias Switch for Alternate Power Tubes Types: n/a
    Maintenance Free Fixed Bias: Yes
    Wattage(s) Quick Reference 18 Watts (Clean) / 23 Watts (Max)
    Built-In Power Amp Attenuation n/a
    Power Amp Details (Class & Wattage) MESA's proprietary Dyna-Watt™ Power Amp produces 18 Watts (Clean) / 23 Watts (Max) of Class A/B, Pentode Power for exceptional power, punch and clarity. More information on Dyna-Watt Power can be found in the Owner’s Manual
    Convection or Fan Cooling Convection
    Effects Loop & Bypass Options Fully Buffered Series FX Loop
    Global Output Level Control: n/a
    Global Solo Level Control & Bypassable Options: n/a
    True-Bypass Options: n/a
    Tuner Output: n/a
    External Switching Jack Options and/or Midi External Switching Jack for Reverb On/Off (Reverb Footswitch and Cable sold separately)
    Speaker Outputs One 8 Ohm and Two 4 Ohm
    Weight 35 Lbs.
    Dimensions 17 5/8" H x 18 13/16" W x 10 1/8" D
    Build Location Petaluma, CA USA with the World's Finest Materials
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    Mesa Boogie Fillmore 25 Combo Guitar Amplifier (Used)
    Mesa Boogie Fillmore 25 Combo Guitar Amplifier (Used)
    Mesa Boogie Fillmore 25 Combo Guitar Amplifier (Used)


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