Mackie DRM215 1600-Watt 15” Powered PA Loudspeaker

Mackie DRM215 1600-Watt 15” Powered PA Loudspeaker

Mackie DRM215 1600-Watt 15” Powered PA Loudspeaker

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DRM Professional Powered Loudspeakers

DRM Series Professional Powered Loudspeakers feature class-leading power, Advanced Impulse DSP for unmatched clarity, and the DRM Control Dashboard with full-color display for easy control.

DRM Series Professional Powered Loudspeakers represent decades of innovation in acoustic, DSP, and amplifier design. Combining extensive tuning, premium components, and cutting-edge DSP – DRM Series Loudspeakers deliver the power, clarity, and ease of use you’ve been dreaming of in a system that won’t cost a fortune.

The DRM Series is perfect for mobile DJs, bands, clubs, houses of worship, production/install, and more.

What does it do for me?

Mackie’s filtering technology is not your typical speaker processing. The goal of our Advanced Impulse DSP is to remove all the anomalies that loudspeakers and horns contribute to a signal, from “honkiness” or “squelch” to "mushy" low end, effectively making the drivers "invisible" and output nothing but perfect, clean sound. By more intelligently (and more thoroughly) employing the benefits of FIR filtering, Advanced Impulse DSP eliminates undesired acoustic anomalies across the entire dispersion zone (horizontal and vertical), as well as frequency range and time domain.

How it's done

The main way this is accomplished is by measuring the negative frequency response and time domain impacts that each transducer and horn in the system introduces – on axis as well as off – and reversing/correcting for those anomalies before the signal hits the speaker. The result is the output from the speaker is fully corrected for flat, clear, time-aligned, and smooth sound throughout the entire time, space, and response domains.


When setup time is limited, changes need to happen on the fly, or you just want to get your system going without extra hassle, the last thing you need is the controls on your loudspeakers being difficult.

The DRM Control Dashboard starts with a big, bright, full-color display that is easy to read and offers unmatched visual feedback on levels, adjustments, and more. The default window keeps you informed on every critical setting at a glance. Big green level meters let you know clearly when you have signal and if it is clipping.

But how do I control it? One single knob, that's it. Spin to select what you want, push in, set it how you like it, done.

Control Overview:
3-Band Parametric EQ
Venue Specific Voicing Modes
Variable Crossover
Alignment Delay
Real-time amplifier temperature

If you have any questions, give us a call or stop by to check out our selection of Mackie pro audio gear today.

Available at Ken Stanton Music.
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Tech Specs

  • Model: DRM215
  • High-efficiency 1600W Class-D amplifier offers ample headroom for professional applications
  • Universal power supply (100-240 VAC) with Power Factor Correction technology ensures consistent performance even with unstable AC power
  • Next-gen protection circuitry keeps transducers safe and ensures peak performance in all applications
  • Dual independent XLR-1/4 inputs that support mic
  • Power: 1600W
  • LF Driver: 15"
  • HF Driver: 1.4"
  • Inputs: Dual XLR/TRS
  • Aux Inputs: Stereo 1/8"
  • Outputs: XLR Direct Out per Channel + Mix Out
  • Frequency Response: 43Hz-20KHz
  • Max SPL: 135dB
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Mackie DRM215 1600-Watt 15” Powered PA Loudspeaker
Mackie DRM215 1600-Watt 15” Powered PA Loudspeaker
Mackie DRM215 1600-Watt 15” Powered PA Loudspeaker
Mackie DRM215 1600-Watt 15” Powered PA Loudspeaker


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