Keeley Dark Side Workstation Analog Multi-Effects Pedal

Keeley Dark Side Workstation Analog Multi-Effects Pedal Guitars,Bass,Pedal,Delay,Shop by Brand Keeley

Keeley Dark Side Workstation Analog Multi-Effects Pedal

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An entire universe of effects in a pedal perfect for any board.

Imagine being recognized by the sound of a single note, your musical journey encapsulated in its resonance. Tone resides within the fingers, within the mind, but effects offer an avenue for expressing emotions and crafting sonic landscapes. Enter the Dark Side Workstation Analog Multi-Effects Pedal, a realm of boundless creation and tonal exploration. It unveils the intangible, the metasymphonic, providing an array of textures that define the very essence of musical expression.

This pedal comprises three fundamental elements: Fuzz, Delay, and Modulation. The Fuzz section offers a distinct distortion, drawing inspiration from a 1977 op-amp style while standing as a unique departure from the familiar. Meticulously calibrated, it showcases nuances reminiscent of transistor-based fuzzes, with lower gain and transparency that allows your guitar's character to shine through, regardless of whether it bears single-coil or humbucker pickups.

The Delay and Modulation component forms the core of the Dark Side, granting you the choice between multi-head tape delay effects and four captivating modulation sounds. With 12 syncopated delays, this section evokes the rhythmic allure of vintage spinning drum tape delays, accompanied by subtle filters that preserve the warmth and nostalgia of their predecessors. Within the modulation effect, you can seamlessly blend the "Electric Lady" Flanger and Les-Rotary cabinet, curating unprecedented sonic amalgamations. Moreover, the pedal's U-Vibe and Phaser options transport you to a vintage sonic realm, allowing you to find the perfect fusion between the two.

For added versatility, the Dark Side features a TRS Insert, enabling you to incorporate additional effects between the Fuzz and Modulation/Delay sections. It offers convenient flexibility, especially when integrating pedals such as phasers or choruses within the Delay side of the Dark Side's sonic tapestry. An Expression Pedal port is also provided, enhancing the pedal's functionality by facilitating on-the-fly adjustments that elevate your musical creativity. It is highly recommended to use a TRS-style expression pedal for optimal performance.

At its core, the Dark Side boasts a meticulously handcrafted analog fuzz circuit and a high-quality 24-bit DSP engine. Years of meticulous research and analysis have culminated in a diverse range of meticulously crafted tones that encompass both original and unparalleled sounds. Whether you possess other Keeley effects or workstations, the Dark Side offers a unique auditory experience, distinct from any other. Every detail, from the Rotary to the Flanger, from the U-Vibe to the phaser, has been painstakingly assembled and soldered by experienced technicians, ensuring unparalleled attention to detail and tonal excellence.

Prepare to embark on a sonic odyssey with the Dark Side, a treasure trove of effects and sounds that pushes boundaries and defies convention. Born out of necessity, this pedal brings together a wealth of epic tones in a single enclosure. So grab your Stratocaster, immerse yourself in the Dark Side, and let your musical journey unfold.


  • Epic Big Fuzz
  • Multi Head Tape Delay
  • Rotary/Flanger
  • U-Vibe/Phaser
  • TRS input
  • Hand-built board that contains analog fuzz and a high quality 24-bit DSP engine

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    Keeley Dark Side Workstation Analog Multi-Effects Pedal Guitars,Bass,Pedal,Delay,Shop by Brand Keeley
    Keeley Dark Side Workstation Analog Multi-Effects Pedal Guitars,Bass,Pedal,Delay,Shop by Brand Keeley


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