Hammond SK Pro 61 61-Key Portable Organ

Hammond SK Pro 61 61-Key Portable Organ

Hammond SK Pro 61 61-Key Portable Organ

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Hammond’s SK Series set the standard for lightweight, stage keyboards with just the right mix of features for any player, regardless of genre. Hammond's all-new SK PRO advances and refines the SK concept bringing unprecedented tonal versatility and functionality; combined with logical real-time controls.

The SK PRO’s basic voice unit is a “Patch”, storing the source sounds and all programming for that individual Patch. There are Factory and User Patches available: 100 of each for the Organ and Mono Synth sections; and 300 Factory/100 User for the Piano and Ensemble Sections.

Combinations And Favorites
The SK PRO introduces “Combinations”, preparing sounds (“Patches”) from any or all of the four tonal sections, along with the desired performance parameters required for those sounds. You can also assign external MIDI instruments to these Combinations. Combinations “set the scene” for each performance, and may be changed in an instant. In conjunction with the 4 “Allocation” buttons located in the center of the keyboard, the player can call up any part of a Combination in real-time, giving the equivalent of FOUR discrete keyboards.

200 Combinations are available (100 Factory and 100 User). Any ten (10) of these may be assigned to the FAVORITES buttons (as seen on previous SK models), for instant access. The role of the Favorites has been expanded to include ten (10) BANKS of Favorites, easily called with a simple key stroke.

Each of the 4 Voice Sections can receive Overdrive and 2 types of comprehensive DSP Multi-Effects.

Playability and Operability
The SK PRO incorporates Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels giving the player full expressiveness to their music.
Each Voice Section has an individual Volume Control allowing the different Sections to be balanced against each other in real time.

The SK PRO includes LINE OUT Left & Right jacks as well as a Headphone Jack and an AUX IN jack with its own volume control for connecting an external sound source such as a music player. In addition, INDIVIDUAL OUTPUTS allow the assignment the PIANO, ENSEMBLE or MONO SYNTH Sections to two separate audio outputs.

Independent ROTARY OUT and ORGAN PEDAL (BASS) OUT jacks are provided.

Leslie 11pin jack
The SK PRO includes an 11-pin Leslie interface allowing an 11-pin Leslie Speaker to be connected quickly and easily using an 11-pin Leslie cable (sold separately). When using a single-channel Leslie Speaker, the Drawbar Organ sounds will be heard through the Leslie while the other sounds – PIANO, ENSEMBLE and MONO SYNTH – will be present at the LINE OUT jacks.

USB A/B Ports
The SK PRO can save custom Patches, Setups, etc. either to USB memory, or to a desktop or laptop computer. USB MIDI allows MIDI communication utilizing a single USB cable.

Buy your Hammond SK Pro 61 61-Key Portable Organ from Ken Stanton Music, Atlanta's family owned dealer since 1949.  Atlanta's Hammond Headquaters.  

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Tech Specs

  • MPN: SKPRO-61
  • Number of Keys: 61
  • Key Action: Semi-weighted waterfall
  • Weighted Keys: Semi-Weighted
  • Programs/Presets; Favorites: 100
  • Combination: 100 factory, 100 user
  • Organ: 100 factory, 100 user
  • Piano/Ensemble: 300 factory, 400 user
  • Mono Synth: 100 factory, 100 user
  • Tone wheel: 12 factory, 12 user
  • Pedal registration: 3 factory, 3 user
  • Voices of Polyphony: 128
  • Mono Synth section is monophonic
  • Transpose: Yes
  • Split: Yes
  • Duet Mode: No
  • Layer: Yes
  • MIDI Control Zones: 3
  • Metronome: No
  • Accompaniments: No
  • Effects: Organ: vibrato, chorus, overdrive, matching transformer, rotary speaker, EQ, tone control, 2 multi-effects
  • Piano, Ensemble and Mono Synth: overdrive, EQ, 2 multi-effects per section
  • Master: EQ, reverb
  • Onboard Controllers: 9 organ drawbars
  • Pitch bend wheel
  • Modulation wheel
  • Control Connections: 11-pin Leslie connection
  • 1/4 Leslie switch / footswitch input
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Hammond SK Pro 61 61-Key Portable Organ
Hammond SK Pro 61 61-Key Portable Organ
Hammond SK Pro 61 61-Key Portable Organ
Hammond SK Pro 61 61-Key Portable Organ
Hammond SK Pro 61 61-Key Portable Organ
Hammond SK Pro 61 61-Key Portable Organ
Hammond SK Pro 61 61-Key Portable Organ
Hammond SK Pro 61 61-Key Portable Organ


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