Dr. Brian Kellum Piano

Dr. Brian Kellum

Dr. Brian Kellum Piano

  • Education

    Dr. Brian W. Kellum earned degrees in music education from Duquesne University (BS.Ed); Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (MM.Ed); University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (EdD).
    Dr. Kellum comes from a musical family - four generations of singers, organists, pianists, violinists, and guitarists.
    He played violin in school and community youth orchestras from an early age, and took many years of jazz & classical piano.
    He is well versed in the Suzuki violin method and has studied piano with the Canadian Royal Conservatory.
    Fun fact: Dr. Kellum studied violin and orchestral methods in Spain, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Columbia. His Spanish is pretty good!

  • Teaching Experience

    Dr. Kellum began his teaching career in St. Louis, MO where he taught Elementary and Middle School Strings. He was the Artistic Director of the Cameron Youth Chamber Orchestra.
    Upon moving to Georgia, Dr. Kellum strings at Middle Tennessee State University and in Fulton County Schools. He was director of orchestral programs for the Atlanta Music Project.
    Dr. Kellum is currently on the Music Education faculty as a Lecturer of instrumental music and music technology.
    Fun fact: Dr. Kellum was the founder of MusicWorks!, an educational program of the Asheville Symphony.

  • Performance Experience

    Dr. Kellum has performed violin and piano with the Asheville Symphony, University-City Symphony, University of Illinois Ensembles, has played gigs in the states of PA, MO, GA, NC, TX, FL, IL, and NY.
    Fun fact: Dr. Kellum's youth orchestra performed for events attended by many famous people You'll have to ask him!

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