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Casio CT-X5000 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

Casio CT-X5000 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

Casio CT-X5000 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

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Here we have a new Casio CT-X5000 portable 61-key electronic keyboard featuring AiX Sound Source delivering high quality sounds and an arsenal of DSP effects.

From Casio: 

Wherever you are on your musical journey, and no matter your budget, you shouldn’t have to compromise on sound quality. Meet the CT–X5000. The AiX Sound Source delivers its stunning sound that makes it a must-have for keyboardists of any level who need a portable instrument.

What truly sets the CT–X5000 apart from other portable keyboards is its heart: The powerful AiX Sound Source. This technology makes the CT–X5000 sound like a keyboard costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more.

Play a grand piano, and hear a meticulously-recorded 9-foot grand in a virtual concert hall. Play an electric piano, and hear vintage phasers and amplifier models that take you back in time. Play a flute, trumpet, or saxophone, and hear natural breath and vibrato. Play a bass, and hear the player switch techniques based on how hard you press the keys. Play a synth, and add an arpeggiator and drum part, and create an EDM hit.

Use the category select buttons to explore the 800 Tones, and edit parameters like attack, release, filter cutoff and resonance. Connect an expression pedal (sold separately) to control volume or other parameters, and assign the Modulation Button to control vibrato, rotary speaker speed, or just about anything else for a seamless and dynamic performance.

The CT-X5000 has 100 powerful and editable DSP effects, including phasers, flangers, rotary speaker simulation, dynamics processing, and much more. These effects can be extensively modified so you can dial in the perfect sound. There are also 20 delays, 16 choruses, and 32 reverbs that can be applied to the mix.

The CT-X5000 delivers far more than you would expect in a compact, lightweight and rugged instrument. If you’ve been holding out for a keyboard that offers class-leading sound quality, ease of use, and creative tools, the CT-X5000 is ready to inspire you.

If you have any questions, give us a call or stop by to check out a new Casio CT-X5000 portable keyboard at Ken Stanton Music and save today.

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Tech Specs

  • UPC: 079767314873~ Model: CT-X5000
  • 61 Touch-Sensitive Keys
  • Revolutionary AiX Sound Chip
  • Bass Reflex Speaker System
  • 800 Tones with user expansion
  • 260 Accompaniment styles with user expansion
  • 128 Registration Memories (with foot pedal control)
  • 17 Track Recorder
  • USB Wave Player
  • Expression Pedal Input
  • Arpeggiator
  • 310 Music Presets
  • 42 Channel Mixer
  • Rhythm Editor & Tone Editor
  • USB Connector
  • Compatible with AC Adaptor AD-24250LW (Included)
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Casio CT-X5000 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard
Casio CT-X5000 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard
Casio CT-X5000 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard


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