Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R Player Series Combo Tube Amp British Racing Green Bronco

Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R Player Series Combo Tube Amp British Racing Green Bronco

Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R Player Series Combo Tube Amp British Racing Green Bronco

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Bad Cat amps are coming to Ken Stanton Music!

This is the new Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R U.S. Player series 30-watt combo tube guitar amplifier in British Racing Green Bronco with a single 12" Proprietary Bad Cat UK Celestion speaker.

From Bad Cat: 

Historically paying less for an amp has meant sacrificing on tone and feel. To lower costs, amplifier manufacturers have moved away from point to point hand-wiring to turret board or PCB type construction methods. These amplifiers usually get the overall tone of a hand-wired amp but often times lack the dynamics and feel of a true point to point hand-wired amplifier. Until now.

Our USA Player series are constructed by hand in our Orange County factory using the same attention to detail and premium components as our Hand-Wired series but feature a PCB wired construction to bring the production cost down. These amplifiers come with the heart and soul of our hand-wired Legacy amps.

They offer the same USA built transformers, speakers, baltic birch cabinetry and components of our Legacy amps. Only with a more approachable price point.

In 2001 Bad Cat innovation led to the design of the Hot Cat 30, the world’s first Class A, high gain amplifier. Less than a year later the amp received the Guitar Player Magazine Editor's Pick Award. In 2004, Guitar Player Magazine recognized the amp as one of the ten best combo amps ever made. The honor was presented at the Summer NAMM Nashville show.

Now the engineers at Bad Cat are bringing the Hot Cat 30R into our USA Player Series. Not content with just transferring the hand-wired legacy design over to a PCB format. Out engineering team set out to redefine the amp design and make sonic improvement as well as increase the versatility of the clean channel.

The Hot Cat 30R is a two channel amp with two EL34’s being driven in Class A cathode bias to produce 30 watts of power.

Channel one is a simple Volume, Bass, Treble, Reverb, and K Master. The cleans on this amp are clear and sparkling and ring out with a clarity that comes from our custom hand-wound transformers. Channel one will go from crystal clear sparkle to rich complex overdrive and all stops in between. The patented K Master circuit provide extraordinary clean headroom and rich high gain saturation at whisper volumes.

Channel two has a simple layout of Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Reverb, and K-Master. A global presence knob that cuts across both channels to smooth out any high transients. The gain is soaked in rich harmonics with astounding string-to-string note definition even in high gain settings. There is a reason this amplifier is the choice of countless touring professional.

If you have any questions, give us a call or stop by to check out this killer new Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R Player Series combo tube amp today.

Available at Ken Stanton Music.

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Tech Specs

  • UPC: N/A
  • Model: Hot Cat 30R Player Series
  • 30-Watt, 2 EL34 power tubes
  • Military grade PCB construction.
  • Hand-wound, output transformers
  • Class A, Cathode biased, Plug and play power tube swaps
  • Proprietary Bad Cat UK Celestion Speaker in combos
  • 2-Channels, foot switchable
  • Effects Loop
  • Patented K Master volume circuit on each channel
  • Digital reverb
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Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R Player Series Combo Tube Amp British Racing Green Bronco


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