Ansmann Powerline 4.2 Pro Multi-Function Battery Charger

Ansmann Powerline 4.2 Pro Multi-Function Battery Charger

Ansmann Powerline 4.2 Pro Multi-Function Battery Charger

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Ansmann Powerline 4.2 Pro Multi-Function Battery Charger

Superior-quality charger for professional use, incl. comprehensive charging and maintenance programs

The all-rounder of the charging world - for smartphones and mobile phones too.
The Powerline 4.2 Pro is the perfect combination of universal charger and test station. Comprehensive and extremely useful functions to meet the demands of professional users in commercial and private application and all this at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

For AAA/AA rechargeable batteries as well as USB devices
The intelligent quick-charge device is suitable for up to four AA or AAA size rechargeable batteries and also offers the facility to charge a great variety of other devices such as smartphones or MP3 players thanks to an additional USB charge socket.

Ideally tailored charging programs and charging currents for each rechargeable battery
Individual settings can be made for each rechargeable battery via the charge slot buttons enabling them to be ideally cared for and charged to their maximum capacity independent of each other. There are four charging programs available enabling the rechargeable batteries to be charged, discharged, refreshed (by multiple charge and discharge cycles) or have their capacity tested. In this way previously damaged rechargeable batteries can be regenerated and unusable batteries can be identified and separated out.

Multifunctional, clear, illuminated LCD display
The display shows the charge program selected for each charge slot separately, as well as the cell voltage (in V), the charge/discharge current (in mA), the capacity (in mAh) or the time elapsed (in hh:mm), providing reliable monitoring of all processes. In addition, if a battery that can no longer be charged or a defective battery has been inserted this will also be reported.

Switches off automatically
The latest microprocessor-controlled charging technology with multiple overload protection guarantees ideally charged batteries and a gentle charging process.

Rapid charge process
The charge current can be selected manually beforehand via the function buttons enabling the round cells inserted to be charged with up to 1800mA in the quick-charge process. If no settings are changed, the charging is carried out with the default charge current of 600mA.

Individual monitoring
A mixture of rechargeable batteries can be inserted into arbitrary charge slots. It is not necessary to check their size or capacity. Each cell will be individually monitored during the charge process and individually charged to its maximum capacity.

The device can be used throughout the world (100-240V).

An overview of the Powerline 4.2 Pro charger:
Charger for 1-4 AAA or AA rechargeable batteries incl. 1 USB charge output (5V / 1000mA)
Suitable for NiMH rechargeable batteries
Charge current can be individually set for each charge bay: 400mA, 600mA, 800mA when charging 1-4 rechargeable batteries 400mA, 600mA, 800mA, 1500mA, 1800mA when charging 1-2 rechargeable batteries
Individually selectable charge program for each charge bay: CHARGE, DISCHARGE (Discharge - Charge), REFRESH (Repeated discharging and charging to revitalise old rechargeable batteries), TEST (Charge - discharge to determine capacity - charge)
Simple identification of the respective selected charge program via the LCD display
Microcontroller-controlled charging and monitoring of the charge status of each rechargeable battery.
Individual call-up of the following parameters: Voltage (V) / Capacity (mAh/Ah) / Time (hh:mm) / Current (mA)
Multiple overload protection for each rechargeable battery and automatic termination of the charge process
Pulse maintenance charging & reverse polarity protection

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Available at Ken Stanton Music.
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Tech Specs

  • UPC: 4013674144624
  • Model: PL4.2PRO
  • Part: 1001-0079
  • COLOR: Black
  • PACKAGING: cardboard box
  • INPUT VOLTAGE: 100 - 240V AC
  • CHARGEABLE CHEMISTRY: Nickel metal hydride
  • BOX CONTENT: Powerline 4.2 Pro, mains adapter, operating instructions
  • WARRANTY: 3 Years
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Ansmann Powerline 4.2 Pro Multi-Function Battery Charger
Ansmann Powerline 4.2 Pro Multi-Function Battery Charger


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