Ultrasonic Brass Instrument Cleaning Services

Do you need musical instrument cleaning in a hurry? At Ken Stanton Music, our team knows just how difficult it can be to hone your musical craft. Whether you’re a student taking private lessons, a member of a marching band, or a professional musician, practice—as you already know—is of the utmost importance.

Don’t Sacrifice Sound Quality

A dirty instrument looks poor, but above all else, it affects how the instrument plays and consequently how you practice and perform. To a trained ear, the difference in sound between a cleaned and uncleaned brass instrument is substantial. A dirty instrument can seriously hamper an instrument’s resonance. You may also even notice increased resistance when playing the instrument.

The Ken Stanton Music Difference

We spare no expense because we know how important musical instrument cleaning is. Ken Stanton Music offers musical instrument cleaning with ultrasonic parts cleaners. Our Marietta location boasts a 108-gallon Omegasonic Music Pro Plus and an Omega 1420BT machine. If you don’t yet know, musical instrument ultrasonic cleaners are comprised of large liquid-filled chambers. Ultrasonic pressure agitates the chambers to form cavitation bubbles that clear away contaminants on an instrument’s surface. This thorough cleaning method even penetrates any cracks, gaps, recesses, or blind holes. When compared to taking an instrument apart and addressing each component one by one, this process is significantly faster and more convenient. Musical instrument cleaning with ultrasonic can produce a completely cleaned instrument within three to five minutes! We prioritize this method because we know how valuable your time is and just how much more you can accomplish with all the time you save. Needless to say, we have what it takes to make your instrument look and play like it’s brand new again!



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