Repair Team

Christine Rowan

Christine Rowan

Repair Shop Manager & Woodwind Technician

Started repairing woodwinds in 1981

Specializes in restoration of pro & vintage saxes and clarinets

With Ken Stanton Music since 2003

David Lester

David Lester

Repair Shop Administrator & Big Band Musician

Formerly an education representative and in band & orchestra sales

Currently serving as the repair shop administrator

With Ken Stanton Music since 1978

Glen Logan

Glen Logan

Brass Technician

Started repairing brass in 1995

Specializes in large brass repairs

With Ken Stanton Music since 1992


Michael Hurt

Brass Technician

Started repairing instruments in 2004

Specializes in high brass repairs

With Ken Stanton Music since 2016


Elias Zepeda Garcia

Strings Technician

Started repairing orchestral instruments in 2004

Formerly our Band & Orchestra department manager and Assistant Store Manager

With Ken Stanton Music since 2009



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